Does Your Inbound Marketing Look Like This? The Case of a Socially Minded CEO

By Anna Seacat

Content marketing by Anna Seacat capturing and holding buyer's attention

What can a socially minded CEO and a savvy content marketing campaign do?

My Sam’s Club membership, which I have been renewing for 10 years, is going to expire in two weeks.  My neighbors have been encouraging me to try Costco instead.  My husband recently read that Costco is the new “Organic King.”  Plus, we both just really hate everything about Wal-Mart.  For these reasons, our plan was to let our Sam’s membership expire and join Costco — that is, until I heard about the CEO of

I started to see national media outlets and members in my social network talking about a socially minded CEO who was using his own money to fund the college education of his employees’ children.  While consuming this content, I discovered that Boxed claims to be an online alternative to Sam’s Club and Costco.

So, now, instead of belonging to either brick-and-mortar warehouse club, I am already using Boxed to shop for bulk-sized organic products.  To be honest, I’m not even sure that I couldn’t find better deals on Amazon.  But, I will happily pay a bit more to support a CEO and an organization that is socially minded.

What Inbound Marketing Does Well:

Realizing Opportunity during a Buyer’s Journey

Alas, if it had not been for Boxed’s savvy CEO and a realized inbound marketing opportunity, I would be joining Costco.  Ultimately, effective inbound marketing should capture your audience’s attention and hold it during a time of need.  If I had seen a banner ad positioning Boxed as an alternative to Sam’s and Costco, I may have clicked through and jumped around the site a bit – a success at capturing my attention but not holding it.  Being an alternative would not have been enough to change my consumption behavior, especially since I could easily price compare with Amazon.

Holding my attention and moving me closer to making a purchasing decision required a story – a story that only inbound marketing could deliver.  Is this what your inbound marketing achieves?

Tell me what you think.

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