Why Socially Minded Marketing Exists | About the Author

By Anna Seacat

@AnnaSeacat - Marketing Consultant at Socially Minded Marketing

@AnnaSeacat – Marketing Consultant at Socially Minded Marketing

Socially Minded Marketing developed out of my background in marketing and my passion for enterprises that generate profits by making the world a better place.  As a socially minded consumer, I regularly see examples of organic brands and socially responsible businesses that could benefit from modern methods of marketing communications.  For instance, after spending nearly two hours on the internet searching for “organic cotton shorts” for my six year old daughter, I began to realize that while there are probably plenty of worthy businesses that sell this product online, they were buried on the eighth, ninth, or tenth search engine results pages.  Since I am a big fan of these “buried” brands, I decided to open SociallyMindedMarketing.com as a way to give away free advice to socially responsible businesses.  I see this as a small way of contributing to a sharing economy.  I hope you enjoy and share the content.   I welcome feedback.  @AnnaSeacat  +AnnaSeacat

I see this as a small way of contributing to a sharing economy.

A little more about Anna Seacat…

Childhood:  I grew up on a small family farm in rural, SW Indiana.  My siblings and I began working as soon as we were physically able.  4-H was a big part of my life and is how I learned that winning was easy if I out-worked my peers.  4-H and a childhood on a farm also taught me valuable lessons in project management, profit and loss, and the value in forming strategic alliances.

Undergraduate Education/ Early-Career Experience: While I was a full-time undergraduate student at Indiana University, I worked full-time for an advertising agency.  I ran errands, took messages, watched, listened, and learned.  By the end of my career at the agency, I was designing integrated marketing communications plans and managing multiple campaigns.  I also managed a very profitable general aviation start-up.  However, what I am most proud of from my experiences is not what I contributed, but what I learned from my coworkers.  These talented individuals are among the best in the marketing industry and have since moved on to impressive positions at national agencies and global organizations.  Since I was fortunate to learn from the very best in the industry, I regularly apply strategies they taught me to my current projects.

I ran errands, took messages, watched, listened, and learned.

Post Undergraduate: After leaving the marketing agency, I had the fortunate experience of career sequencing.  During this time, I managed to raise two smart, little girls, invested in and sold multiple real estate properties, and was the opening General Manger/ Marketing Manager at a Marriott International hotel.  Currently, I am eight courses away from earning a Master’s of Science in Marketing along with a Graduate Certificate in Social Media Marketing Management.

What’s Next: Someday, I hope to apply my experiences and education to advance a socially-minded organization through marketing communications.  On the other hand, while I get a thrill from adding value to a bottom line by improving a businesses’ marketing efforts, I have a deep love for research and higher learning.  So, I have also been toying with the idea of pursuing a doctorate.   But, if there is one thing I have learned throughout my journey, it is that the best laid plans often go awry.  Consequently, for now, I’m working hard to earn an A+ in every single graduate course and consult a few chosen clients along the way.

@AnnaSeacat  +Anna Seacat

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