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Content marketing by Anna Seacat capturing and holding buyer's attention

Does Your Inbound Marketing Look Like This? The Case of a Socially Minded CEO

What can a socially minded CEO and a well crafted content marketing campaign do? Effective content marketing should capture and hold the attention of buyers when purchasing considerations and decisions are being made. While a banner ad may capture potential buyers’ attention and cause a click-through, a well-done content marketing campaign will hold their attention and move them closer to a purchase decision. Boxed, which is an alternative to Sam’s Club and Costco, showed us how this is done.

Anna Seacat gives local SEO instructions

“Getting Found Online” – SEO Steps for a Small Business

Do you own a local business in the northern suburbs of Indianapolis — Carmel, Zionsville, Fishers? I wrote this article for small businesses who want to be found online by their customers — in digital marketing we call this Local SEO. (Although the inspiration for this article was business owners in my community, if your business isn’t located in the Indianapolis area, it will still be very helpful in terms of local SEO and small business SEO.)

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SEO: Why is My Business Not Showing Up on Google?

Franchise owners and small business owners who search the name of their brand on Google may be discouraged by the results. A client emailed me a couple of weeks ago in a panic because when he searched with the brand name of his franchise, his business did not appear as a local result within the first few organic listings nor on Google’s mapped image. In fact, quite the opposite occurred – the other business under the same franchise appeared as the only result. How could this be?

LOCAL SEO | Evidence that Google Results are Not Including all Local Business Locations

There are multiple reasons why your business may not be showing up as a result when entering a single branded keyword. The location and device that your search originated from is the most likely culprit. In my client’s case, he was performing a single branded keyword search from his home computer, which just so happened to be located within a mile of his competitor’s business. To prove that the location of your device can affect search results, I replicated this scenario from my home computer. As you will see below, if I search with the branded keywords, “Better Bodies,” which is the brand name of local gyms in my area, only one out of three Better Bodies’ gyms shows up as a result.

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The #1 Reason Content Goes Viral

Three Key Ingredients for Sharable Content

From what I have learned in previous client work and from other digital marketing courses, there are three key ingredients that most popular online content contain.

Content that offers helpful information, “Practical Value,” tends to be shared more

Content that is longer than the average piece of content tends to be shared more

Content with keyword-rich descriptions tend to perform better in terms of SEO, making the content more easily found, thus having more potential for an audience to consume and share.

Marketing Objectives and Goals for Nonprofits and Socially Minded Organizations

Not Every Nonprofit Needs to Fundraise: Establishing Altruistic Marketing Objectives for Nonprofits

By Anna Seacat On the heels of #GivingTuesday, we should all be reminded of how critical it is for nonprofits to create digital marketing campaigns that are capable of generating donations.  In fact, most of my writing and speaking in the nonprofit realm is about how nonprofits and socially minded organizations can implement social media […]

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The 2014 Indiana Governor’s Conference – Key Takeaways

By Anna Seacat It’s been a month since thought leaders from around the country gathered to discuss emerging trends and hot-button issues at the second annual Indiana Governor’s Conference.  The conference was hosted again this year at the beautiful JW Marriott in downtown Indianapolis and is clearly growing into an important annual meeting of women throughout the […]

Reveal More & Give Back: Future Implications of Social Media on Business

By Anna Seacat This article will propose that social media is creating more demand for products and services from transparent and socially minded businesses.  To support this proposition, academic research on the implications of social media will be explored. Transparency  In previous articles on this blog site, popular resources have been utilized to suggest that […]

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