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The #1 Reason Content Goes Viral

Three Key Ingredients for Sharable Content

From what I have learned in previous client work and from other digital marketing courses, there are three key ingredients that most popular online content contain.

Content that offers helpful information, “Practical Value,” tends to be shared more

Content that is longer than the average piece of content tends to be shared more

Content with keyword-rich descriptions tend to perform better in terms of SEO, making the content more easily found, thus having more potential for an audience to consume and share.

Stop Wasting so Much of Your Marketing Budget on Facebook

By Anna Seacat Since taking my first course on SEM (search engine marketing) at Southern New Hampshire University, I have become slightly obsessed with the discipline.  Most of my days involve trying to consume enough SEM-related content and applying principles provided within the content to remain viable as a digital marketer.  SEM is a moving […]

Pearson Education Puts Social Media Principles to Work

By Anna Seacat According to Anthony Curtis, Mass Communication Professor at the University of North Carolina, the first social networking site, Friends Reunited, was founded in 1999 by an organization in Great Britain, which wanted to help users relocate former classmates.  Since that first site of social networking began, marketers have both realized the value […]

Zebra Print, Chandeliers, and an Alluring Relationship

This article was written in conjunction with Women Leading Kentucky, which is an exceptional nonprofit organization designed to uplift business leaders and students through roundtable discussions, networking events, and annual scholarships.  The roundtable discussions and networking luncheons hosted by Women Leading Kentucky sell out quickly, so please reserve your spot for the next event today: […]

Marketers Used to Get Away With (benefiting from) Murder

In 2001, Alan Jackson wrote a song about the murder of thousands of innocent Americans.  The song earned him multiple CMAs and a Grammy.  And, because he refuses to be transparent about how he spent the millions of dollars he earned from the song, we are left to assume it was a very profitable marketing […]

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