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Three Myths about Coworking Spaces

By Anna Seacat There are hundreds of event spaces in Indianapolis and hundreds of thousands of square feet of office space in this great city, but currently only one site for creative exchange.  Studio B, one of a handful of coworking spaces in the Indianapolis metro area, just opened its new digs with a ribbon […]

Someone Just Clicked ‘Unsubscribe’ in Your Email — Don’t Mess Up What Happens Next.

By Anna Seacat During my research for this article, I unsubscribed from almost thirty registrations with national brands and online retailers that have been sending me emails for six months or more.  Although we all agree that retaining existing customers costs less than acquiring new relationships, every single one of these businesses ended their relationship […]


By Anna Seacat Whether in the form of a termination, lost client, or failed pitch, I have yet to meet a leader who has not felt the sting of a major career set-back.  Mine occurred a decade ago, but I survived the challenge, and my career is better off because of it.   I was reminded […]

Three Takeaways from the Inaugural Indiana Governor’s Conference

A week ago today, our nation’s business leaders joined together to share their wisdom, insight, and success stories at the first annual Indiana Governor’s Conference.  As I reflected on their engaging speeches, it became apparent to me that there were common themes in each presentation.  In fact, the themes were so powerful that they are […]

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